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Kitchen or Fridge pc?

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  • devSpeed

    Has anyone tried mounting an all-in-one pc in their kitchen for family notes and grocery lists or a Tablet or Ipad. I have toyed with the idea for years but not sure of the practicality of it.

  • magicalclick

    I think it is a nah. But, if you have a tablet, you can do similar stuff. Personally I use my phone for shoping list because I don't want to carry a big nerdy tablet while shoping.

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  • kettch

    @magicalclick:However, a tablet or touchscreen all-in-one in the kitchen can be used to make the shopping list in the first place. Then it's just a matter of syncing the list to your phone.

    I've been thinking about getting something to put in the kitchen for just that purpose. Some kind of shared calendar and task list would also be good.

  • USArcher

    For the last year, typical usage of our all-in-one PC in the kitchen is split between simply viewing TV & acting as our bulletin board (YouMemo).  Media Center is pretty awesome.  As far as YouMemo, it falls short of its potential because there is no syncing to/from other PCs or our mobile phones.  I'd like to see Windows Live come up with a better answer to this. 

  • JPeless

    We just mount a pad of paper with a pencil to the fridge (well, it is magnetized, not really mounted) and it does great to keep track of a shopping list, and then, amazingly, you can tear off the page and take it with you to the store.

    Efficient, cheap.

  • Craig_​Matthews

    The only opportunity my girlfriend has to inventory the kitchen is during the day while I'm at work, so she just uses the iPad to update the grocery store list in Evernote, which I check on my phone on the way home from work.

  • kettch

    @JPeless: Perplexed

    Now where's the fun in that? This isn't about efficiency or functionality. It's about (at least for me Tongue Out) fun, and because we can.

    I generally can't be bothered to keep track of little pieces of paper anyway. I couldn't even do that before I discovered technology.

  • magicalclick


    paper + pencil + eraser >>> all Big Smile


    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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  • Dr Herbie

    @JPeless: +1

    Although you can't watch TV on a pad of paper, I think that's a valid compromise for price Tongue Out



  • devSpeed

    It could be so much more than a grocery list. It can have the family menu for the next week. And all your recipe books. When you get ready to cook you print the recipe to a nearby wifi printer. It should have everyone's shared calendar on it so there are no scheduling conflicts. Put a  wifi security camera at your door and see who is coming from the kitchen.

  • spivonious

    I've thought of doing this for a few years now. Something that would track inventories too. The cost is the only barrier: a good touchscreen is half the price of the refrigerator.

  • eddwo


    Ah yes the old kitchen recipe computer, how often does that idea actually stand up to more than a weeks usage? A least with a tablet you wouldn't have to toggle in all the recipes via switches.

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