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Lang.NET => Lang.NEXT 2012 ! Apr 2-4 @ Redmond

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    This is nice !

    Martin Odersky [Scala] (keynote)
    Walter Bright [D]
    Kunle Olukotun [Parallelism]
    John Cook
    Andy Moran [Haskell]
    William Cook [Batches etc.]
    Robert Griesemer [Go]
    Gilad Bracha [Dash]
    Kim Bruce [Grace]
    Andrew Black [Squeak]
    Jeroen Frijters [IKVM.NET]
    Herb Sutter [C++]
    Andy Gordon [SecPAL]
    Luke Hoban [JavaScript]
    Dustin Campbell [F#]
    Mads Torgersen [C#]
    Donna Malayeri [F#]

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    Nice. The last one was great. Will watch this for sure.

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    Gilad will be talking about Dart (and perhaps a little NewSpeak). I believe Dash was the initial name of the Dart language..

    I will also be conducting some E2Es and interviews at this affair (in addition to recording all the sessions...). Yes, this Erik Meijer will around, but he's not presenting at the event - he'll moderate a panel or two and do C9 interviews!

    We'll end up with excellent content for C9! Smiley


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