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Latest Windows Defender marking some software as malware

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    I updated windows defender yesterday (13/feb/2013) and is marking some know software as malware, the software is:

    vlc 2.0.5-win32.exe and VLC\uninstall.exe, I installed this from a while a go but update it to the this version from the auto update feature
    Exact Audio Copy\uninst.exe, installed from
    F.lux\uninstall.exe, installed from
    Privoxy\privoxy_uninstall.exe, installed from

    Currently those files are on quarantine and i hope is a false positive, is anyone getting warnings as well?

    The full details of Windows defender are (edited because my OS is in Spanish):
    Version Windows Defender: 4.0.9200.16384
    Version antimalware: 4.0.9200.16384
    Version engine: 1.1.9103.0
    Definition antivirus: 1.143.2233.0
    Definition antispyware: 1.143.2233.0


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    Because the critics said those should be malware in the ratings. So they are trying to match the benchmark.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    Try uploading those files to virustotal and see what other AVs might say.

    Just because it's a normal EXE on most systems, doesn't mean that a virus hasn't infected it on your system. 

    The best way to tell what's going on is to get a second, third, fourth and so on opinion, and the fastest way of doing that is virustotal.

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    @evildictaitor: I will try that, thanks.

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    I scanned my VLC directory, it didn't turn up anything positive.

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    @ZippyV:crap, thanks. I guess is reinstall time for me.

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    @JuanZamudio: Completely off topic, but I love your avatar! We have a guinea pig at home too Smiley

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    @GoddersUK:lol thanks, we have 4 now, those little bastards are adorable.


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    @JuanZamudio: Aren't they just! And yes, they have a tendency to multiply! Tongue Out

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