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Learning C++ with C++11 in mind

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  • Beldur_


    I want to learn C++ and searched the web for books, tutorials and websites but didn't find a source where they teach you C++ with C++11 in mind like this answer suggests:

    Suggestions are appreciated!

  • Charles

    There aren't many C++11 first resources out there, but you may be happy to know we're looking into providing just this! Smiley Stay tuned.

  • Ion Todirel

    Wikipedia for an overview, and the C++11 paper proposals are good resources

  • Sven Groot

    , Ion Todirel wrote

    Wikipedia for an overview, and the C++11 paper proposals are good resources

    They aren't tutorials though. If you don't know any C++ but want to learn it from scratch the C++11 way, those are more than likely to confuse you rather than help.

  • felix9
  • Charles

    @felix9: The OP is looking for how to learn C++ by learning C++11 from the outset. C++11 is really a new language compared to earlier versions (the way you program C++ is different, it's more modern and it's best to learn C++ for the first time by learning it's latest incarnation - there is a lot of truth in this).

    Bjarne's next book won't be available until late March, 2013. There are no stepwise tutorials available, at least that I can find. C9 in partnership with the VC team may solve this problem in the coming months...

    To begin, for now, I'd recommend watching Bjarne's keynote from last year's GoingNative conference. It's a little more advanced than a purely introductory treatment, but it's a good start and adds meaning to the second sentence of this reply:


  • felix9

    OK. The efforts by C9/VC teams are very welcome. Angel

    But those books I mentioned are all new editions revised for C++11, published in 2012.

    C++ Primer, 5e

    In this edition, we have completely revised the C++ Primer to use the latest standard.

    for examples, it introduces 'auto' before 'struct'. and it explains new/delete briefly AFTER introducing shared_ptr, with lots of cautions and warnings, recommending the use of smart pointers as the best practices.

  • Charles

    @felix9: I wasn't disagreeing with your recommendation, Felix. An introduction to C++11 for folks with no C or C++ knowledge is specifically what I'm addressing. There are indeed opportunities to teach C++11 in a new light, in new ways, not taking away from excellent work already published and soon to be released in documenting and teaching C++11. The happiness of and.


  • AJHP

    This is something i am really interested in at the moment.  I currently work with C#/XAML.  However i am looking at expanding my skillset a little, and the choice seems to be C++ or HTML/JS.  While i think that HTML/JS will be easier as i have a background with this C++ just sounds more interesting at the moment.  Its also nice that with Win8 you still get to play with XAML when using C++ Smiley

    At the moment i am just looking at the two for doing some very basic game development in my spare time.  C++ and DirectX maybe overkill for this, but again back to my above comment.  C++ i think will be more interesting.

    Thanks for the links to the book.  Also there seems to be an good C++ section on Pluralsight by Kate Gregory.  Although i can't tell how upto date that is in terms of the modern way to learn C++, so far its been quite good.

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