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View Thread: Learning C++ with C++11 in mind
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    This is something i am really interested in at the moment.  I currently work with C#/XAML.  However i am looking at expanding my skillset a little, and the choice seems to be C++ or HTML/JS.  While i think that HTML/JS will be easier as i have a background with this C++ just sounds more interesting at the moment.  Its also nice that with Win8 you still get to play with XAML when using C++ Smiley

    At the moment i am just looking at the two for doing some very basic game development in my spare time.  C++ and DirectX maybe overkill for this, but again back to my above comment.  C++ i think will be more interesting.

    Thanks for the links to the book.  Also there seems to be an good C++ section on Pluralsight by Kate Gregory.  Although i can't tell how upto date that is in terms of the modern way to learn C++, so far its been quite good.