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View Thread: Learning C++ with C++11 in mind
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    @felix9: The OP is looking for how to learn C++ by learning C++11 from the outset. C++11 is really a new language compared to earlier versions (the way you program C++ is different, it's more modern and it's best to learn C++ for the first time by learning it's latest incarnation - there is a lot of truth in this).

    Bjarne's next book won't be available until late March, 2013. There are no stepwise tutorials available, at least that I can find. C9 in partnership with the VC team may solve this problem in the coming months...

    To begin, for now, I'd recommend watching Bjarne's keynote from last year's GoingNative conference. It's a little more advanced than a purely introductory treatment, but it's a good start and adds meaning to the second sentence of this reply: