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Learning to code (C#) / Changing desktop features

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    I'm trying to learn to learn to program in C# and I want to change a few things about how the desktop works. I find it hard to find any usable info on where to start looking for information about customizing desktop features (ie, search results are nothing but noise.) I'm pretty much looking for objects to poke.

    As an example as what I'd like to make: I want a small window to fly out when I hover my mouse over a folder icon and show what's in the folder so I can access it directly.

    Is this something a new programmer should start with? If so, where do I start looking?

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    @MurkyV:Try adding "shell" to your search string.

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    Sven Groot

    @MurkyV: I don't off-hand know how to do this, but I can tell you I highly suspect this is going to be hugely complicated, even more so in C# (probably lots of Win32 Interop required). You may want to set your sights a bit lower if you're still just learning the language.

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    @Proton2: Adding "shell" to search terms starts getting me somewhere. Thanks.

    @Sven Groot: I kind of suspected a fairly steep learning curve before getting this done, but I want to take a whack at it before I give up crying my eyes out.

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    Yep, shell extentions was never fun, especially managed ones, just ask Raymond Chen Tongue Out

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    Of course you can think of "Windows Store apps" as a funny new kind of shell plugin ... Smiley

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