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    The Channel9 has lost some of its charm.

    I more or less agree with everything in evildictaitors post and i think its a valid point the the secrecy of win8 has made most videos not particulary insightfull and making us have do discuss marketing instead of technology.

    About the coffee house ... One major issue is that almost all subjects gets derailed and changed into some google vs ms vs linux boring discussion. Mostly caused by some stupid rant from beer28.

    Since we cant get rid of that person-without-a-life ... we atleast can hide his posts when he derails a topic.

    Adding to elmers points CH9 should implement a mechanism to track if a reply is a reply to somebody elses post.

    Because that would allow me to block all post by beer28 and all replys made to his posts leaving me with a discussion of the original topic. In the end that would leave me with only the replys that are relevant to the original topic.

    And beer28 screaming in a corner where nobody can see or hear him.