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    ,Turbodad wrote

    An insightful blog post reflecting on Microsoft and .NET community: and related discussion on Hacker News:

    It's just standard ranting.

    It seems most of it is actually just ranting about Microsoft, the usual stuff. So Webforms suck and yes, Microsoft is an API factory (from a developer's perspective anyway) and yes they don't really get open source because even when they release source, they don't accept patches. But honestly, who cares? Microsoft provide the best language and the best runtime (IMO of course), but if you don't want to use them, use something else, not only do I not care, but I don't see why anyone would care except Microsoft themselves. As the OP points out themselves, there was Monorail before ASP.NET MVC, so clearly Microsoft no focusing on whatever the latest hotness is doesn't hold people back.

    The OP brings up "the .NET community" it seems just as a way of comparing the set of people who use .NET to the set of people who use Ruby. But there actually is no valid comparison. Microsoft technologies have thousands of times of the number of developers compared to Ruby. Most of them are work-a-day employees of companies that do increadibly dull stuff and a very large percentage haven't read a single programming book beyond the one that first got them into VB or whatever 15 years ago. Expecting everyone to be blogging and pitching in with open source projects is just fantasy land.

    And I'm really fed up with hearing about this or that 'community'. A community is a group of people that are interacting. The ".net community" that the OP berates for not being passionate and not getting together and communicating, by definition is not a community - it doesn't exist. The Ruby community and enthusiasts, fanatics even. The vast bulk of the people who use .NET are just trying to get their job done. That doesn't make .NET bad. It doesn't even say anything about Microsoft in itself except that they are sucessful at getting people to use their stuff. The OP is a 'joiner' - someone who wants to be part of a movement - which is fine, but that's no grounds to be berating everyone else who doesn't feel that way.