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    , LoadTitan wrote

    Thanks guys for the response.

    @Sven Groot:I've just been trying LogMeIn - it seems ok, but the browser app crashes quite often. If I was to open / forward a port on my router to allow RDP, is there any pitfals I should be aware of - i.e. security??


    well just keep in mind that the port for RDP is a "Well Known Port" and if a hacker scans the subnet and sees that port they can start trying to figure out what usernames and pass words to use and possibly get in....

    while this is not super easy it is also a way to possibly do bad stuff to your pc.

    if you find that you can not use log me in (or one of the other remote access programs) then I would think about getting a router / firewall box with a secure VPN option. then you can access stuff on your local network and keep all of the traffic in the VPN.

    do not use pptp, that is not a secure VPN.