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    ,vesuvius wrote

    @Dr Herbie: The Police are clearly being beaten technologically, which is why things have gotten out of hand. The only response will be a more visible Orwellian nightmare, which is how things are going anyway.

    Lets remember that Students (W3bbos kith and kin)  were behaving in a similar fashion a few months ago, so it is almost certain that Labour will win the next Election. Looking at the Crisis in America and the state of the markets, it is the poorest that lose out the most and they lack the candor or intellectual faculty to express their discontent in any other way.

    There is a certain honesty (though abhorrent) that I am coming to enjoy the older I get. People that wear their hearts on their sleeves, and tell you what they are upset with (in ways that are embarrassing at times) tend to be more dependable in the long run, than the more duplicitous "smile but don't mean it" type folk. These people only stab you in the back the minute you turn your back anyway.


    Seriously, what are you talking about? Get some perspective man!

    These people are walking around the streets of London, looting shops, stealing from vulnerable innocent people and generally causing millions of pounds of damage that hard working people like me will have to pay for with our tax money.  These people don't care because they are not afraid of police or lenient sentences and a high majority will almost surely not pay any tax, instead will probably still continue to claim benefit from the very state that they are attacking.  

    This is a democracy and we all have the right to vote and change the way this country is run, I bet a high majority of these rioters didn't even vote in the last election.

    Don't even try to condone these people actions.