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    @leeappdalecom: I am not condoning any of this behavior but I understand what it is happening. For me this is just the same as the student riots, I see no real separation as it is recalcitrance against the Government mostly, exacerbated by the criminal element (inevitably). People have tried peaceful protests (take the recent wars) and the feeling I get from speaking with people is that they are fed up

    I also pay the higher rate of tax so don't think I enjoy watching people abuse my taxes (I have never been on the dole and worked all my adult life). I have lived in poorer areas and suffered abuse from the people whose benefits I pay weekly. there is no love lost with me and the tracksuit brigade.

    My concern is more technologically, how people are using modern day technology to be unlawful and the ramifications that has. I still think I understand why this has happened, and don't separate the behavior of students (people hammering Prince Charles car for instance, Dave Gilmore's son has recently been imprisoned) with what is going on. I think I understand the working class mentality a little better, as I have gotten older.