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    I live in a leafy part of Essex so I doubt I will see any rioters near home.  I come from a Bermondsey council estate in SE London where it was all these youths are kicking off but you know why I now live in a nice detached house in the countryside?

    Instead of complaining, moaning, thieving and being violent, I worked hard and made a career for myself.

    These people are nothing but jobless, bored scumbags that get looked after and fed by the very government they are supposedly rebelling against.

    London has so many of these deprived areas and it always had the difference is back when I was a kid everyone wanted to do well for themselves and get away, trouble is nowdays nobody has to do that because they get looked after too well by the state.

    I don't understand why the army or the TA hasn't been drafted in yet to sort this out, it's the only option. How brave is a 16 year old going to be against a soldier carrying an assault rifle?

    The police don't have any respect in London especially from people that have nothing to lose.

    Any Herbie I don't agree that this is to do with spending cuts etc, people in these areas have had a hatred for police for a long time. It's a culture thing a gang thing were the police are seen as the enemy so any excuse to riot for them. They are annoyed by stop and search of black youths but these areas are mainly black or Asian areas so this is bound to happen.  Alot of the crime in these areas are carried out by this element of society it's a fact, what are the police supposed to do just ignore them?

    And as for the guy that got shot dead by police, he was carrying a gun and a known gang member, what are the police supposed to do?