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Lumia 928... Really ?

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    @elmer: for me 925 is a good start. Many of my friends also said 920 was heavy and actually preferred 8X. Finally they ended up with Galaxy S3 anyway....go figure.

    More importantly, my main point of contention about windows phone OS itself is....even after fixing the UI to Flat style, fixing the app styles to fixed style, it is not able to compete with iOS and Android on performance. Several youtube videos show how the browsers in other platforms are faster. Ditto with many graphically intensive games.

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    , elmer wrote


    Don't be holding your breath for the next iPhone upgrade. If Jony Ives gets his way, iOS will also go flat UI.

    Yes, I think the problem here is that jounalists read a rumour, latched on to the word 'flat' and then didn't bother to think any further. 

    The first thing to note is that Ive is not a graphic designer; his remit is form and interaction. 

    I'm guessing that his problem with iOS is the number of levels you have to tap through to get at things. I think this what he's talking about when he says 'flatten'.

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    This I fella explains it far better than I can


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