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MIX videos in IE9

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    I'm having some trouble with the MIX content in IE9. For some sessions, the Silverlight player just doesn't start playing. I can click the big play button, which then disappears and brings up the controls, but the video doesn't actually start playing. This happens especially for the larger videos like the keynotes. When I click the WMV's, they start playing in Media Player instantly.

    Also, when I try to download the WMV's, the download manager just stops at 99%.  I've left it for an hour or so, but still nothing. If I take the .partial files and just rename them to .wmv, it's a perfectly fine, complete video file. So apparently all the bits are there, IE9's download manager just won't "release" it.

    Has anyone else seen this? IE9 on Win7 by the way.

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    I've had a few issues with some videos starting in Silverlight, but stopping after about 10-20 seconds and then they won't start again until you refresh the browser.  Then it plays again but stops at about the same spot.  Only by refreshing and then skipping ahead in the player past the point of failure, in that order, does it play the entire video.  This is only for a few videos.  I haven't had any problems with the WMVs, however.

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