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    Yup, it's that time of year again. Time to predict what will be announced at MIX this year. I remember doing it last year and comming home with a lot less stuff then I was expecting.

    Anyway, new year, new predictions.  Feel free to comment on any prediction. Some of these are more like 'I really hope they do this' knowing the chances are small.

    # KINECT RDK (Research Development Kit)
    # KINECT api for XNA ?
    # Silverlight 5 Bèta
    # Silverlight 5 running on Xbox (pretty pretty please? )
    # Expression Studio 5 Bèta
    # IE9 recap
    # More news about Windows Phone Mango update (new features like NFC ...)
    # Update Mango Dev API
    # New phone hardware specs ?
    # Tablet news about Windows 8
    # Announcing PDC 2011 at the end of the conference