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    And, there is a crossgen.exe which is “Microsoft Common Language Runtime native cross compiler”, version 4.0.50622.1 built by: CLR_TRITON


    Microsoft (R) CoreCLR Native Image / MDIL Generator - Version 4.0.50622.1
    Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

    Usage: crossgen [args] <assembly name>

        /? or /help          - Display this screen
        /nologo              - Prevents displaying the logo
        @reponse.rsp         - Process command line arguments from specified response file
        /fulltrust           - Assembly will be run in a full trust domain.
        /in <file>           - Specifies input filename (optional)
        /out <file>          - Specifies output filename (optional with native images,
                               required with MDIL)
        /MissingDependenciesOK - Specifies that crossgen should attempt not to fail if a dependency is missing.
        /Trusted_Platform_Assemblies <path[;path]>
                             - List of assemblies treated as trusted platform
        /Platform_Resource_Roots <path[;path]>
                             - List of paths containing localized assembly directories
        /App_Paths <path>    - List of paths containing user-application assemblies and resources
        /App_Ni_Paths <path[;path]>
                             - List of paths containing user-application native images
                             - Must be used with /CreatePDB switch
                             - List of paths containing target platform WinMDs used for emulating
     Compatability Modes
        /PreWP8App           - Set the Windows Phone 8 "Quirks" mode, namely AppDomainCompatSwitch=
                               WindowsPhone_3.7.0.0 or WindowsPhone_3.8.0.0.
     MDIL Generation Parameters
        /mdil           - Generate MDIL rather than native code. Requires presence of /out switch.
        /nomdil         - create MDIL image with no MDIL code or CTL data structures, use to force
                          fall back to JIT
        /EmbedMDIL      - Embed a previously created mdil data in IL image into native image.
        /fxmdil         - Generate framework assembly MDIL images containing minimal MDIL
     Debugging Parameters
        /CreatePDB <Dir to store PDB> [/lines [<search path for managed PDB>] ]
            When specifying /CreatePDB, the native image should be created
            first, and <assembly name> should be the path to the NI.