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    OK, apparently the time is still not so 'right' yet, so let me looking at it a little more.

    The word MDIL is not a new thing, we have seen it in Bartok before:

    /TargetMdil=<bool> (currently False) Target MDIL rather than native code

    /TargetMdilEHPerBB=<bool> (currently False) When targeting MDIL, emit separate EH records for each basic block

    /TargetMdilBartokRuntime=<bool> (currently False) When targeting MDIL, assume that libraries include the Bartok runtime

    /ClrMdil=<bool> (currently False) Target/consume CLR-MDIL rather than Bartok-MDIL (not complete)

    /RedhawkMdil=<bool> (currently False) Target Redhawk-MDIL rather than Bartok-MDIL (currently implies ClrMdil as well)

    /RedhawkBaseClassLibrary=<bool> (currently False) Generate MDIL for a Redhawk base class library (include well-known types table in the CTL)

    /MdilV2=<bool> (currently False) Use version 2 of the MDIL instruction encoding (automatic/required for x64)

    So there were CLR-MDIL, Bartok-MDIL and Redhawk-MDIL, and also MDIL v2, and thats many years ago.