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Of course not, its a Nirvana ! of the Phoenix ! Smiley (Nirvana could be a perfect codename btw)

VB5 is not the end of VB right ? that was VB6 ...... oh wait.

No, this is just a logical thing when the CLR want to reach resource-constrained devices,
do you think the managed language teams will sit there listening Herb Sutter bragging about
the performance advantages of C++/native code and then give up and do nothing ? huh.

At least, a much-better optimized NGEN wont kill the platform right ?

Thanks for humoring my sarcasm. Though VB5 => VB6 is not a fair comparison. VB6 => .NET I think is more along those lines especially if some incarnation of the CLR isn't part of the Nirvana's picture.

True about NGEN.