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MSBuild 2012

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    Ion Todirel

    @TexasToast:doh, you do realize MSBUILD is the name of a popular and cool product, and I'm part of the team building it, took me a while to realize this thread wasn't about it! Smiley

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    speaking of MSBuild, Microsoft should have a special task force dedicated to taking all the things that were built in the early 2000s when XML mania was at its height and coming up with a sane fast and fluid Smiley syntax for them.

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    @Richard.Hein:Yes, I saw $1 for the first 500 on my Windows phone! 

    The rendering issue on Windows Phone was a poor show on Microsoft's' part.  I had to start again several times, scrolling over as you mention as I went along.

    I really have no idea how I am going to pay for it yet (My credit card failed with 'insufficient funds' so I had to opt for the cheque option! LOL!)

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