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MSDN App for iPad?

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    I'm planning on getting a Mac Mini in the next few months so I can try my hand at developing a few iOS applications I feel I need (and broaden my CV).

    One app I've been thinking of is an app that stores a local copy of the MSDN documentation for rapid recall. The iPad is a brilliant platform for reading documentation on, but it's unfortunate that the MSDN web application isn't too suited for use on a fondleslab.

    I imagine I'd get it so it can either download the files over 3G or Wi-Fi, or allow you to import the data files via iTunes (on the Device Apps tab).

    Any thoughts?

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    interesting idea!

    a buddy who works with me has an iPad and likes the idea.


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    If I'm looking for someone on msdn, most of the time I put my info + into google and it gives me what i'm looking for.


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