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View Thread: MUST HAVE APPS for NewStart: What's needed (?)
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    1. Angry (stupid) Birds.  It HAS to be in the list of apps. Also the store horizontal nav can seem weird (for a store) - suggest making it go down page (option?) - like you did to NewStart Music (although - that worked better - horizontal scroll...)

    2. NewStart Center: "Customize your openning touch screen".  *Import and Export to your your tablet! (that solves right mouse customization on tablets(?)

    - possible ideas:  "Integrate with My Pictures (full screen photos from your pictures folder overlay pics on top of whole NewStart menu at 12% transparency. Would change at each boot

    - Make tiles sizes you want. make icons big or small. make text big - or remove it. Add a background image to tile....etc etc

    This cannot be left to 3rd parties. MS has to start it / make it... maybe with limited - but expandible options

    3. Any other apps that are in top 50 free of android and iphone.  (good luck)


    4. NewStart File Manager (like youd think of fileman.exe - but all "metro" and cool

    5. Albums (store app) WAY better. add multiple photos (after creating cover) have 2000 templates for cover (not one with post it business notes stuck on them)

    6. MS REAL Radio (or something. right there. NewStart - radio

    7. NewStart Pictures (way more options for list / details/ thums / PLEASE FOLLOW FOLDERS. it is a MESS!  Dump 6 years of 5 meg photos x 10000000 into NewStart(metro) it chokes

    8. NewStart Music - put it back to preview - horizontal. offer option for down. OFFER OPTION TO OVER RIDE SETTINGS AND USE FOLDERS, TITLES AND ARTISTS to categorize

    9. New Start Video: Get the damn MKV codecs and every other one (= play everything)

    10 - MY REQUEST:  lets say i have a webpage that says "hello world" on it.  How do i make that an app - (to test) in 5 easy steps... please list below - PLUS your MUST HAVE FOR LAUNCH ideas



    Off topic - OFFICE 2013 - too white - hurts eyes - bllends to background white/grey to easily. too much white over all. go to flat light grey just a tad darker