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View Thread: MUST HAVE APPS for NewStart: What's needed (?)
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    Review of old "gripes":

    1. you wrecked full screen! (700 posts)
    win8 is almost ALL fullscreen / "metro ie" is total full screen kiosk.

    2. You took away up!!!
    Up is back.

    3. Put windows explorer in to media center - make it an optional UI
    well its not optional ...and there really isnt a file explorer in it - but its close

    4. Frontpage name has a bad stigma - please change it
    ..and they did to Expression. good name. but they made frontpage like dreamweaver - too hard for most bus customers / black interface / scary - still good tho

    5 Put back cool bars in IE -X2 -  let us break it into pieces and put the pieces where - or back together how - we want.
    This wasnt done. Im assuming because they did not want tech support dealing with floating /embedded toolars / sections IE versions (id have loved it - tools on the bottom!


    funny to think about all this again - and NOT ever again. ha

    ps  };-o-{ )