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MWC 2013

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    Interesting event or just another conference?

    At least Nokia should show some low-end models but maybe some new 920/9XX models as well. I guess the tablets rumors were debunked, so no W8 tablet from Nokia at least for now.

    Personally I'm mostly interested what other Linux phones there's going to be shown addition to Android.

    Firefox OS

    Ubuntu for phones



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    Firefox OS is really impressive.

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    Cool beans. It's a really cool idea, because every smartphone OS needs a web browser anyway, so extending the web browser to the rest of the phone instead of having two separate widget/display systems seems to be really doing nice to performance. I like how they are turning all their JS APIs into W3C standards. This could also advance web technology too in general, by making it easier to make websites that interact more natively with your phone's feature set.

    My concern would be of course, apps. That's the struggle any up and coming OS needs to to attract the level of developers Android and iOS have. I don't think apps are as much of a problem on the phone as they are on the desktop, but people will expect the standard set of apps, and they'll get frustrated if something they depend on isn't available.

    The good thing though is if you write apps for Firefox OS, they would be at least partially portable to Android and iOS, because both support web apps as native app targets. So who knows.

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    @Bass: I think a common app ecosystem (at least across the *nix based devices (i.e. Android, Ubuntu, Firefox)) would be really good as it would lower the barrier to market entry for new OSes thus increasing competition while enabling ease of switching OS, reducing developer workload and widening the available number of apps on any given platform.

    Sadly I've seen no sign that anyone's working on anything like this (excluding web apps) - I can understand that Google may be reluctant to join initially, but if Mozilla and Canonical could kick it off then over time it may grow big enough to force Google to come on board.

    EDIT: Allowing web apps to make calls sounds like a recipe for all kinds of premium rate scams embedded in websites...

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    520 & 720 look to have their niche markets but shame there wasn't something really big (ie something bigger screen wise than the 920 but with similar features).

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    On the contrary, I thought the fact that Nokia released to very capable phones for under €150 and under €300 a lot more impressive than releasing yet another super-high-specced and unaffordable flagship phone. At only €140, I'm actually thinking of grabbing the 520 just for development kicks.

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