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Make yourself easier to contact and promoting your product when you make an app.

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    I found an app named Remote Midi on the WP Marketplace (finally a MIDI controller for WP7.5)made by someone who goes by the name Kuraara Forrest but so far the only information I've been able to find about this person is a forum post on the APP HUB. I can't post a comment on the marketplace because I don't have a Zune account. If I make a Zune account will I be able to comment on apps in the Marketplace?

    I'm not complaining but just commenting... Why would a person make an app but not make a website, a personal blog post or a video to show it off better than just a small description on the Marketplace and 2 screenshots? I can't even e-mail the person because there's no contact information.

    After reading about Scott Hanselman's first WP app experience I just got me thinking that people like Kuraara Forrest could do more to show off the app better and be more easily contacted by interested people.

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    @dentaku: You need to install the app first before you can give any comments.

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    it is a lot of work to put up a front site and keep it tracked (buy domain, buy hosting service, setup pages, monitor site traffic, make sure your template is from big company like MS so Getty image would not ask you for money,  and etc). He is either too busy making more apps or is in the process of making a front site.

    BTW, you don't need a Zune account, you have Live ID right. Of course like Zippy said, you need to installed the app before you can make a comment. That makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

    And sure, he is not as engaged as the other guy, but, lets face it, even if you put out a product page/site, how much extra exposure would it provides? It is very likely buried deep inside the massive app collection. Spending extra efforts isn't all that compelling either.


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    @ZippyV:I guess that's what I wanted to know Smiley
    Considering I don't own a phone I guess I can only hope that this person reads the App Hub Forum replies.
    I still wish I could easily find their e-mail address.

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