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Managed Runtime Intitiative - Ideas for the CLR?

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    Hello, do you think Microsoft should help this managed runtime initiative which is basically about having chip-makers like Intel & AMD fabricate x86/x64 chips which have special hardware support for managed runtimes like the CLR and JDK? It helps allow them to have trivial pause-less Garbage collection in their VM's via hardware support.  As I see it, ...sure it seems good to have almost no pause for a GC but the real only thing that matters are PAUSE-LESS GC's!  MS shouldn't waste time in trying to minimize the pause; ELIMINATE THE PAUSE!!!


    There has been an interview with the VP of Technology and CTO at Azul (A pause-less JRE) online yesterday. which gives a great low-down of all things GC, and I find it very fascinating to the point I want to raise the awareness here as-well and look for community discussion and hopes that MS just eliminate their CLR pause times. Imagine a pause-less JavaScript VM for IE, and a pause-less GC for the CLR Smiley. In the end, sure the advances in the CLR's pause times has seen great improvements but the CLR is sadly crap compared to something like the technical wonder of what the Azul JRE and its completely pause-less GC has achieved.

    Might I finally add that the linux kernel interface and example code + usage is open sourced and implementation available for MS CLR dev's to learn from and hopefully integrate into a future version of the CLR. To finally make it better than ever as a technical wonder and on the forefront of what is possible today for GC's.

    Enjoy Smiley

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    Yes, I have mentioned this multiple times here,  Smiley .

    And I think the Midori/Bartok team is attacking these problems aggressively.

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    That's the stuff Felix! Smiley I hope MS embraces a pause-less mindset and stops trying to just decrease pause time.

    To be fair, the 1 and ONLY problem I've ever ran into on some VM's is the GC, but... if the GC doesn't get in the way and cause a pause, its smooth sailing and VM managed memory is actually fun to use/abuse Smiley

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