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"Map as drive" broken in Windows 8.1? [RESOLVED]

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    Has anybody used the "Map as drive" under View | Easy access ribbon button of File Explorer in Windows 8.1?

    In Windows 7 and earlier, it was always annoying to have to paste in the UNC path to the network folder in question when using the "Map Network Drive" dialog.

    In Windows 8, "Map as drive" was a welcome feature since the folder to be mapped defaulted to the current folder in File Explorer and eliminated the need to have to paste the long UNC folder name into the "Folder" textbox of the "Map Network Drive" dialog. Not only is the textbox prefilled for you, it's even disabled.

    I noticed on two of my Windows 8.1 machines, the "Map as drive" feature no longer works. When the "Map Network Drive" dialog comes up, the "Folder" textbox is not only empty, you can manually edit the value.

    I have a feeling that somebody complained about the textbox being uneditable and in the course of re-enabling the editability of the textbox also removed the behavior of setting the folder name to the current folder.

    This sucks! I liked the behavior in Windows 8.0. We're now right back to the old behavior in Windows 7.


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    Same for me under 8.1, never used it under 8.

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    False alarm. The behavior is the same. The "Map as drive" is context-sensitive to what child folder you have selected in the parent folder. IOW, if you're looking at the folder that you want to map, the "Map as drive" feature doesn't work as expected. You have to be in the parent folder of the folder that you want to map. Then highlight the subfolder in question and select "Map as drive". You'd think that if you don't have any subfolder selected it would just default the folder that you're viewing when you select "Map as drive". That'd be a lot more useful than just leaving the folder blank.

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    Got here looking for how to map drives. Drag the mouse to the lower right then up to search, type \\systemname that has the share and it will show up. Select it, right click and map it. Now why couldn't one of you say (type) that?

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