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    , spivonious wrote

    I have a web site that uses a membership provider. Some pages can trigger a long database operation. It seems that once this operation is started, that session can't go to any other page until the operation completes.

    Would async page loading solve this problem, or is there some property I'm missing?


    might help if you said more about *what* is going on?

    for example, are you trying to show a bunch of data in a large grid ?

    is the user selecting to do this or are you doing it on the server for some reason that the user has no choise on?

    in general i say if it takes more than about 30 seconds to have the server comple the page responce then you need to re-think what's going on. pages should generally get served up in less than 5-10 seconds. and thats with a lot of back end work and some really complex stuff.

    so > 5 seconds - start digging cause it's wrong and you need to find out why.

    more than 15 seconds server time and you are in deep smelly stuff and you better get it cleaned up.