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    , ManipUni wrote

    Alternative design strategy: Page within a page. Load the outer-page, that page loads an AJAX component which then makes the call to the inner-page which actually handles the request. You can even draw a little "loading" animation for the object using JavaScript.    

    This is how Google+ works. Page within a page.     

    Also saves you from having to write any of that complex multi-threading code. Just have to write complicated JavaScript instead (or JQuery).    

    PS - Don't use Frames, it isn't 1985. Plus if you do I will kill this kitten

    lol, do browsers even support frames anymore?

    Page-within-a-page is essentially what I ended up doing. I'm using the DevExpress ASPxGridView control, which provides a PerformCallback() javascript method. I handle that and perform the binding in the callback method.

    @cbae - I don't know if membership has anything to do with it. If the session "thread" is busy, it won't serve up other pages. Pretty annoying, and prevents me from doing other things while I wait for the data to load.