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Merry Krimble 9ers

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    Looking forward to an exciting MS year (ahem win8.2 - ahem ..the one with windows for metro apps... like windows.)


    YAY.  I wish your servers the best of luck tomorrow  and the day after   Wink



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    Merry Christmas Jamie.

    Although I'm hoping for Windows 9, .NET 5 (although this is MS, they'll find some reason to call it .NET 5.25) and a few exciting new colorful Microkia tablets.

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    @jamie: Off to Marks & Spencer now to get some shopping in.

    I am hoping for a hire like Ray Ozzie to replace Ballmer. People dismissed him, but the Server & tools business has been working to realise his vision for the last few years, and will do for many years after. I hope Microsoft find a sweet spot to entice business to use the native platform and not default to HTML.

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    Hope everyone's having a good one! Big Smile

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    Sven Groot

    Merry Christmas everyone (even if over here we celebrate Christmas Day and not Eve). Smiley

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    Dr Herbie

    Merry What'sName and a Happy New Thingy, everyone.


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    @Dr Herbie: +1 Merry {0} and Happy New {1}, everyone!

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    Happy Festivus, Niners!

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    Have a great holiday, enjoy time with family and friends, and remember to say hi to your neighbors.



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