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View Thread: Metro has been tried already, it didn't work
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    Was it heavy?

    I recently purchased an Ipad 3 and I think its great, note taker HD, kindle books and pdfs(novels and  textbooks), games, Pepper Pig for the baby plus a chess app.

    I really disliked the Apple movement for a long time, the marketing strategy, the end users etc but you have to admit IT isnt for geeks anymore. We're living in a world where average joe uses a cheap laptop just to check his/her facebook. Apple have the human IT market, if their prices were lower then they'd have the whole market.

    I cant stand to hold my breath much longer for a solution, an eco-system from Microsoft. I waited for a Windows phone and although it is good I still use the Facebook app rather than the integrated features. There are apps missing for the market place why will they suddenly appear for the Windows 8?

    I actually thought that we were getting a new full Desktop OS and Metro OS loosely based on the same thing with a chance to install either depending on your hardware. People wont budge from XP and definitely not Windows 7.