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View Thread: Microsoft Accounts / Live Id signing out completely broken
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    I've had enough of this nonsense; why can't I consistently sign out of one Microsoft Account into another or merge them?  It's absolutely ridiculous.  I can't sign into CodePlex at all, because it just keeps on trying to use the wrong account, and yes, I've tried signing out over and over.  If I can't figure this out how is the average user going to fare?  Half of the MS sites I use have this serious issue, including Channel9.  Now I upgraded to Skype and can't go back to my old ID at all.  I'd have to switch Microsoft Accounts in the Skype settings.  It's just a bloody nightmare, not to mention the EA/Xbox/Origin crap I went through over the holidays.  It's a crying shame.  Please, someone, tell me they are going to fix this crap.  I can't switch my CodePlex account to use my new Microsoft Account, it doesn't work.  I can't switch Channel9 to use my new Microsoft Account, I have to make a new one.  Very annoyed.