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Microsoft Ad Exchange

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    Is it IAB RTB compliant: ?

    Can they take on 1-10mm/hour mobile/desktop demand from another exchange/ad network ? (looks like they did that with AppNexus)

    Or is it just a supply side portal for MSFT sites?

    In layman's terms, does this exchange work in full duplex, or is it half duplex against MS websites like Bing and Skype ads?

    Or is that all just a terrible secret that only sales can convey to you?

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    If it's not strictly OpenRTB compliant, is it a proprietary variant close to other DSP/SSP HTTP bid request/response APIs or did they go bizzaro Microsoft on the protocol?

    How painful is it to modify a typical existing RTB implementation with a major SSP to work with Microsoft Ad Exchange?

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    I officially and most royally request a Channel 9 video entitled:

    "Microsoft Ad Exchange Internals Exposed Externally"

    I wish for the MS Ad Exchange RTB implementation and daily volume details of MSFT Ad Exchange to be captured in a timeless video classic. Bonus points for some details on the Skype ad volume.

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