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    I hate to admit it, but the PC as we know it today is going to slip back into hobbyism. Devices like Motorola's Atrix webtop and smartphones are quickly going to replace laptops and desktop PCs at home. Proliferation of cellular data networks will only accelerate this move.

    Business will hold on to computers for a little longer, but even now we are seeing a move back to a mainframe/dummy terminal architecture with virtualized desktops and thin clients. Soon all that will be on the average white-collar employee's desk is a screen, mouse, and keyboard.

    I really hope that MS realizes this change is coming. Some evidence for that would be the ARM-version of Windows 8, but we won't know until some more details about Windows 8 are released. From the screenshots that Long Zheng posted, it looks like Windows 7 R2, which would be a huge mistake in my mind. Revolutionary changes are needed, not minor updates to a UI that premiered in 1995.