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View Thread: Microsoft .NET vs Java (funny video)
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    Mr Crash

    @MasterPie: Actually both Youtube and vimeo have html5 support although it's not 100% working yet

    > Apple forces you to use quicktime.

    Apple will always be apple, they suck and they know it but got their head up their * so refuse to acknowledge it, anyway there exists open source implementations for quicktime (ah reverse engineers thank you!!) so no problem there

    hulu, well lets just say, their kissing some * so they can get the rights to the content, one way they do that is to use flash which the rights holders think is secure, lol.

    btw flash open source implementation is in progress. adobe's locked in business model will fail

    > (ms also uses flash on their sites btw)

    erm where ? or are you thinking of the ads (which might not be from microsoft, duh!) ?

    > You're also not "forced" to do anything. If you find your only choice is through one platform, it's  because the other platforms "forced" your hand, not because the one platform that you inevitably chose "forced" you to choose it. Now, if you were "forced" from above to adopt a certain platform, then it is that higher agent that "forced" you into using that platform.

    > Choices don't "force" you to choose them, external sources do.

    Your "logic" is flawed.

    Having only one option is not a choice.

    >  it's because the other platforms "forced" your hand

    No, it's because microsoft like adobe thinks it can lock in users (ex not providing information so an alternative/open source/competitive version can be created)

    competition is good, monopoly is bad, yes it is that simple (not always but most of the time)

    Good example: Ever heard of the browser wars ?