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View Thread: Microsoft, Nokia, HTC et al - please help Windows Phone 8
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    The store people are pretty clueless. I went in to a store on the 8th to ask about keeping my rate plans for a Lumia preorder. They said I'd have to come in when they come out to handle that. I asked them, "Cool, so I can come tomorrow and you'll help?" They told me they were unsure when the phones would arrive, probably around the 13th but I should come on the 16th just to be sure. "But I thought they're coming out tomorrow."...."No, they should be coming sometime next week."

    I check online the store's availability on the 9th and see that the phones are in stock.


    On the 9th, I was in a shopping mall. While waiting for my preorder to ship, I decided to check out the Lumia at the mall AT&T store. Outside of the store was an ad stand specifically advertising the Lumia 920 and Windows Phone. I went into the store...the Windows Phones were all the way in the back and the only phones they had were the Lumia 900 and an HTC. No 920 in sight. I asked whether they had the Lumia 920 in stock...they tell me no.