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View Thread: Microsoft, Nokia, HTC et al - please help Windows Phone 8
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    I've been complaining about this for a while now. WP8's biggest barrier to entry is the horrible handling it gets from the sales reps. When I picked up my Lumia 920 from the AT&T store on Friday, the sales rep told me that he didn't sell many Lumias before and why specifically did I want the Lumia 920? I didn't feel like I needed to justify my choice to him and pretty much told him that. I told him I know they are pushing iPhone/Android over WP but this is my choice. He then tried to come across as not biased but you can spot them a mile away.

    Not just that, but the demo model had the security tag glued right over the camera, so good luck trying to test out the very feature that is supposed to be better than the competition.

    This is markedly worse than the experience I had when buying my Lumia 900 at the same store in April. At that time everyone had a Lumia and the 4 or 5 reps I spoke to at that time were quite positive about it. There was nothing like that at all this time around.

    I really don't understand the 6 month exclusive deal Nokia has with AT&T. That is 6 months too long, as I don't see any meaningful Lumia sales with the experience I've had. Hopefully Nokia sells enough in other countries to stay afloat until the next time around.