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View Thread: Microsoft, Nokia, HTC et al - please help Windows Phone 8
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    After a few days of using this phone it's so much better than any smartphone I have owned before - Blackberry, iPhone and Android (only limited use) but the most impressive aspect is not the hardware but the software, Windows Phone 8 is like a breath of fresh air.  

    It was so depressing at the weekend. My wife and I popped into EE to look at the windows phone they had in store (she liked mine so much she wants one, she is even willing to give up her iPhone and the BBC iPlayer she liked it so much) the sales guy had no idea, didn't know how it worked, how much they cost, when they would be in store, no demo model. His whole body language changed when he started to talk about the S3, he knew the costs, the spec, couldn't wait to sell one. Microsoft really needs to invest in training or no matter how hard they advertise as soon as they walk in store they will switched to Android or iOS.