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    , mawcc wrote

    The first reviews of Surface RT are in, and they are not good (see for an overview). I ordered one, despite the initial disappointment about the specs (especially the screen resolution).

    Of course I will pass a final judgment only after I have experienced the device myself (I have an iPad 3rd gen so I will be able to compare), but currently I´m a little bit worried about Windows RT/8 tablets in general, because Surface is such an important device in this category.

    Sorry, I call BS.

    "The most scathing of the reviews we've read so far comes from Josh Topolsky at  The Verge

    Read more:"

    So, the "most scathing of the reviews" comes from someone known to be anti-microsoft, but that "scathing review" gives a numerical 7/10 rating. That's a respectable score, and hardly scathing. So, ignore the score and read the article. Unless you're cherry picking, which Business Insider did, I see no way to read the review as scathing based on what he said. Again, this from a reviewer we should all expect to have been biased. Sorry, that's NOT a bad review.

    Over all, the reviews are actually pretty good. Not "Apple good", but if you expected to get those kind of reviews I'm not sure where you've been the last 8 years or so. Anyone claiming the reviews are bad is only showing their extreme (and I do mean extreme) bias. Again, the most scathing review is a 7/10, and thus the reviews are bad?!?!!!