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    "I actively avoided using the mail app if at all possible."

    No kidding. It doesn't even support POP3 the last time I tried to use it! POP-frigging-3! How can you release a mail-client without the most common mail-client protocol? Have they fixed that yet? And here's a review for the Win 8 Skype app (reads a bit funky because it's an online-translation):

    "Unnerved we wanted to switch to another user with an existing Skype account, but unfortunately Microsoft has housed the "Unsubscribe" in the settings menu of the Charms bar where one looks up the first thing is not spontaneous. We have finally found the function already. But why can not intuitive? Who makes these design decisions?

    CHIP Online says:
    Is this really the final version? After all, Skype for Windows 8 appears to coincide with the new operating system, so already on 26 October 2012. Since not much time left. What Microsoft delivers here made ​​in the editorial for shaking their heads in disbelief. How you manage to get the same despite minimal designs such an unintuitive operation is a mystery. Hide important functions in favor of the simple layouts so that they must first seek laboriously, is not comprehensible. The idea that one's parents were sitting in front of this piece of software is funny and sad at the same time. If the new Skype is an indicator of the future of software on Windows 8, then Microsoft has a problem. A great [one]."


    With castrated apps like these, it's no wonder if there's disappoitment. Couple this with the fact that apps need to be installed per user, and updated per user:

    .. Which will be a real fun endeavor if you have more than two people using a computer, together with more limitations like an unpredictable background behavior:

    You've got to be ready for sinking reviews.