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    @spivonious: The new Atom SOCs support a maximum of 2 GB of RAM, or so I've read. The beefier offerings using i3/5/7 chips offer more RAM. The tradeoff is battery life (and probably fan noise), and size/weight (though the difference here isn't tremendous).

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Personally, I don't need the device to be a high end dev machine. I've got one of those. It just needs to do OK running Visual Studio for mobile situations and convenience reasons. For the same reason, I'm OK with single monitor support when "docking" (after all, the device itself would probably still work as a secondary display). I'm not expecting a mainframe in my palm at this point in time. I just want a device for testing purposes, casual development usage, and media consumption. I'll continue to use a desktop for more serious work.

    For your scenario, have you checked out the Dell Latitude 10? It's designed for professional use and includes actual docking support. From your description of what your looking for, it sounds like a fit to me (though I have no idea what amount of RAM it supports).

    I agree completely with you on the GPS. I also think lacking NFC is a mistake as well, though that's from a developer perspective rather than a consumer perspective. Cellular I can see leaving out, even though there's going to be customers lost from such a decision, but the GPS and NFC are things I don't want to do without in a new device.