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    Here's MS's mistake...

    According to MJF, MS sent out review devices to a lot of pro-Apple tech bloggers. I guess MS was under the impression that they were going to impress these people.  However I could have told you beforehand that you will never get a good MS product review out of those people, no matter how good or bad the product it.

    Most of the reviewers reviewed the product as a full blown laptop, then comes to the conclusion that it fails to be a full-blown laptop. In reality it is supposed to be a tablet that has some laptop features. For instance, how can you ding the keyboard when other tablets don't even have a keyboard at all? Or ding the tablet for the fact that the kickstand has only one angle? That's one angle more than any other tablet, yet it subtracts from the overall score?

    Well, maybe MS will know better next time...