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    @JohnAskew: My problem is actually with the sensors, mostly. What I want in a device.

    1. Tablet usage for casual consumption.
    2. Keyboard for light mobile usage.
    3. Some way to use full size monitors/keyboards for extended serious usage.
    4. Enough processing power to be able to develop on the device.
    5. All of the sensors, so I can actually test software I write for the platform.

    Surface Pro comes close, but it's lacking in sensors (specifically GPS). I'm also not sure about the "docking" capabilities here. I know it's not going to have real docking support, but it's got the right ports to allow "poor mans" docking. Only thing is, I'm not sure after reading reviews that it really could manage this. The other devices I've looked at are all fairly similar. Even if I shell out the money for an i7 based device (which might do very poorly as a tablet due to battery life) none of them come with a full array of sensors, and only one makes any claims about docking (and that one's running the Atom SOC).