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View Thread: Microsoft -- Why no WebGL?
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    , PaoloM wrote

    @Bass:Probably doing a much better job at understanding the issue.

    You can disable/uninstall Silverlight and you have to install it when a website uses it. WebGL is just there, opening a nice comfortable path for anyone wanting to inject code on your system. Can you see the difference?

    I don't really see the difference, especially considering by Microsoft's own estimates 60% have Silverlight installed. Flash supports accelerated 3D with shaders, and really how many people don't have Flash installed? If it was a major security problem it would have manifested itself by now.

    Besides, it's not a standard.

    It's not just a standard, it's a web standard. Go ahead and and try to convince all the browser makers outside of Redmond as well as the Khronos Group otherwise.