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View Thread: Microsoft -- Why no WebGL?
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    Earlier Microsoft made its infamous decision that WebGL is inherently insecure because it allows access to your GPU. Why then; is Silverlight secure? Silverlight 5 gives web pages the same type of access. It should also be pointed out that Canvas2D is now GPU-accelerated in Windows anyways; if an attacker mis-used even a 2D context based on your theory it could then be used to compromise a system via a DOS attack in the same way that it could supposedly be compromised in an attack on a WebGL implementation. Security is not usually an issue within a specification of a technology, but is usually an issue within its particular implementation. If Silverlight can be implemented "securely", why can't WebGL? I do encourage you do read this argument about enabling WebGL. Although someone strongly worded, he does explain how WebGL can be implemented securely. It's also sad to see that Windows 8's Metro browser has absolutely no 3D support of any kind; including Silverlight. For a company claiming to support HTML5 and use it to innovate the web, it is not a good idea to pick and choose only a small subset of HTML5 features. Other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are known for their frequent updates, which actually add new features to the browsers on a regular basis. I do hope that Microsoft chooses to reverse some of its business decisions regarding these matters; and your browser, and your new OS would become much more popular among consumers.