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View Thread: Microsoft admits Direct3D and GPU's are not designed for gaming
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    Complete "bollocks" as they say in the UK. I don't like fast games like platformers. The TrackMania fullspeed maps are more about flow and feel only fast if you aren't familiar with them, there's no collisions to other cars. BF1942 Desert Combat mod plays very slow compared to other FPS. It's all about the flow & controls, rhythm/pacing and the atmosphere if it's an adventure or rpg. It's very hard to act precisely or correctly to random input. I like things that are predictable yet positively surprising. (In games with exploration, some randomness done cleverly can be very good though)

    This personally very influential concert for example is quite slow for most part yet works due its precise timing that you can sort of anticipate as a listener. I just love it when music is well thought out and makes sense. The other extreme is called "guitar noodling".