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View Thread: Microsoft admits Direct3D and GPU's are not designed for gaming
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    , cbae wrote

    By definition, any game that DEPENDS on millisecond precision suffers from really shitty gameplay.

    This deserved a response of its own:

    Some of the best games outside the adventure and RPG genres are those that offer enough incentive/advantage for those that master controls in a high precision manner. Now I don't like street fightning games, I am talking about things like BF1942 Desert Combat helicopter controls. 2 weeks of constant crashing to get a handle on it, but it's extremely rewarding and the controls manage to create great feel of flying and "gravity", creating a much more fun experience than anything in any other game because they didn't try to simulate a real helicopter but the controls, I am told, resemble more the feel of flying a RC helicopter in "3D" show-manner, which is no doubt a ton of fun too until you crash!

    The helicopter controls are so much worse in rest of the Battlefield series that many DC players quit playing the game as DICE/EA didn't keep those controls, the DICE/EA choppers fly like a friggin school bus with an anti-gravity device in comparison and you can't do similar flying atleast using keyboard (maybe with the aid of a gamepad you can) since the keyboard controls don't have that precision. It's just a whole lot of fun flying in DC with a keyboard as your both hands fingers get a full workout keeping the thing in air.