All part of why my current plan is to wait and see what happens.

as it stands right now i think in about one year from now i may have an iPhone and a Mac book air.

esp, if Apple does a new model with a display like the iPad with 260 ppi screen specs at the same size as the current macbook air.

windows phone and windows 8 on the desktop - nope.   my desktop machine will stay on windows 7 for now and if windows 9 / 10 have a better desktop user story i will look at them.

windows 8 on arm:  i will wait and see how it goes.  if it does not go well i will get an iPad.

if windows 9 / 10 do not look good then i will get a mac desktop system.

Microsoft:  you are losing a 25-30 year customer due to your crappy handling of things.