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View Thread: Microsoft always lets this kind of stuff happen
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    , spivonious wrote

    Paul Thurrott says his sources tell him that WP8 will not be available for WP7 devices.

    That stinks. Even Apple lets users run iOS5 on the iPhone 3Gs.

    People keep complaining, and some Fanbois keep stating that Microsoft have taken the right decision long term, but they have been unable to commit to anything on the desktop for the last decade, and the phone is also following suit.

    I lost my faith in Microsoft a little while back, and anticipated that Windows Phone would be chopped and changed like they have done so well before.

    Apple have gone from iOS 1 to iOS 5, and I am awaiting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to upgrade my 2.3 version.

    Only a fool would buy a Lumia 900 phone now. If you have one, take it back.