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    , vesuvius wrote


    People keep complaining, and some Fanbois keep stating that Microsoft have taken the right decision long term, but they have been unable to commit to anything on the desktop for the last decade, and the phone is also following suit.

    I lost my faith in Microsoft a little while back, and anticipated that Windows Phone would be chopped and changed like they have done so well before.

    Apple have gone from iOS 1 to iOS 5, and I am awaiting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to upgrade my 2.3 version.

    Only a fool would buy a Lumia 900 phone now. If you have one, take it back.


    It would seem that so-called "tech savvy" folk that post to this forum can't even tell the difference between incremental upgrades of the same OS (eg. iOS1 thru iOS 5) and a transition from one OS to an entirely different OS (WP7 to Apollo).  Comparing a WP7 to Apollo transition to the incremental upgrades from iOS1 to iOS5 is totally meaningless. 

    And you bring up the fact that you are wating to upgrade your Android to ICS.  Yeah, you, along wiht 97% of Android users.  ICS was released ~6 months ago, yet only 3% of Android uses have been able to upgrade to it.  That upgrade path may as well not exist at all.  Most will be onto a new phone by the time they get to upgrade their current Androids.  Yet you cite that as an example of how things shoudl work. lol

    This Coffeehouse forum has gone in the toilet ever since Rory left.  Mostly what we get now are malcontents and Microsoft-bashers.  There use to be lots of tech talk on this forum and actual insight, but those days are looooong gone.  And that's why the userbase of this forum has dropped down to fewer than a dozen regulars.  The ones remaining are mostly the malcontents that can sit around and pat themselves on the back at how brilliant they are (they equate cynicism with brilliance).  The rest that remain are those few individuals that have the stomache to put up with the nonsense constantly spewed by the malcontents.